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Smart tips for collectors

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Are you wanting to start a collection of some type? The first thing you have to figure out is what your budget for each item is. If you want to start a collection of silver coins, you do not have to stick with collecting currency, however just know that you will be charge a premium when purchasing, very seldom well you pay spot prices. Another type of collection some people want is signed memorabilia from their favorite team. Some people will want to collect signed helmets from the NFL. When they start looking at the authentic helmets at the Pro Shop of their favorite team, or at a shop that deals in signed pictures, and see the prices are well over $700, they get a little discouraged. Do not let those prices stop your pursuit in starting a collection. There are mean more avenues then team stores and autograph shops. The first place you can start is your local Pawn Shop. One thing you always need to look for is the certificate of authenticity. If there is no certificate, you may want to try and negotiate on the price. Another avenue you may want to take is the replica helmets. They do not have the padding of the authentic helmets, nor do they have the weight, however they look just as good setting on a shelf, or in a display case.

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