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Sig Sauer's new pistol.

SIG Sauer has just announced the upcoming release of the P320 XFIVE LEGION – a full-size 9mm handgun with a tungsten-infused polymer grip module. Weighing in at nearly 44 ounces, the heavy tungsten/polymer frame allows for less felt recoil and a reduced muzzle flip.

SIG’s latest offering comes with P320 magazines that are equipped with aluminum base pads for added weight and durability. Lightening cuts in the PVD coated slide reduce the reciprocating mass, also aiding in less muzzle flip allowing for quicker follow up shots and target engagement. The P320 XFIVE LEGIONalso features a skeletonized trigger, Dawson Precision fiber optic sights, an optics cut/plate, and a five-inch match bull barrel.

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